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Italian Quesadilla
Italian sausage, fresh mozzarella and sautéed peppers on flat bread with a baked parmesan crust.
Serves 15-20 $42.99
Serves 25-30 $60.99

  Chicken Quesadilla
  Authentic quesadillas with roasted chicken, bell peppers, south-western seasonings, and cheddar cheese served with salsa and sour cream.
  40 pieces $59.99

  Buffalo or Honey BBQ Wings
  Chicken wings in our special hot sauce are served with ranch dressing. Also available in Honey BBQ with our thick and sweet sauce. (Combination platters are available)
  Tray of 20 $39.99
  Tray of 30 $49.99
  Tray of 50 $85.99

  We toss plum tomatoes with virgin olive oil, fresh basil and red onions served with toasted garlic bread.
  Serves 25-30 $35.99

  Capress Kebobs
  Fresh mozzarella, basil and vine-ripened grape tomatoes on a kabob served with homemade balsamic vinaigrette on the side.
  25 pieces $38.99

  Swedish or Hawaiian Meatballs
  Cocobellas’ classic Swedish-style meatballs marinated in a delicious mushroom wine sauce. Or, you can try our Hawaiian meatballs with Cocobellas’ secret sweet and sour sauce.
  Serves 15-20 $29.95
  Serves 25-30 $33.95

  BBQ Rib Tips
  Succulent rib tips, slathered with Cocobellas' BBQ sauce and cut into tender bite-sized pieces.
  40 pieces $59.99

  Mini Pulled Pork Sliders
  Cocobellas’ BBQ pork is slow roasted and simmered in our special sauce until fork tender.
  20 sliders $42.99

  Fancy Finger Sandwiches
  Attractively garnished petite handcrafted sandwiches of chicken salad, ham salad and garden vegetable cream cheese.
  96 sandwiches $74.99
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