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Maybe you've heard about Cocobellas’ food and catering services from an office party, or perhaps you discovered us at your neighbour’s holiday celebration? Regardless of the event, we can assure you that Cocobellas served up a feast of delicious meal combinations for every palate.

Our buffet selections include the provision of disposable plates, forks, knives, napkins and serving spoons, and our prices are based on 30 or more guests plus applicable taxes. When ordering, please place your order in increments of 10.

  Famous Main Buffet  
  Any choice from our Famous Main Buffet will include fresh bread, forks, knives, napkins and serving spoons.  All buffet prices are based on 30 or more guests, plus applicable taxes.

  Entrees (Select Two)  
  Coconut curry chicken
  Herb roasted chicken
  Chicken breast marsala (add $1.25 pp)
  Sliced turkey breast and gravy (add $1.10 pp)
  Roast beef au jus
  Roast pork loin with gravy (add $0.50 pp)
  Glazed ham with pineapple (add $0.40 pp)
  Baked sausage, peppers & potatoes
  Rigatoni in vodka sauce
  Baked pasta alfredo
  Lasagna with a hearty meat sauce
  Vegetable lasagna in tomato creme sauce
  Fettucini with broccoli & garlic oil (with shrimp add $1.00 pp)

  Accompaniments (Select One of the following Packages to accompany your Entrees)
  Chilled Salad Package - (You will receive two of the following items)
  Cocobellas' potato salad Honey cole slaw
  Cocobellas' pasta salad  
  Hot Vegetable Package - (Choice of Two of the following items)
  Green beans almandine
  California-blend vegetables
  Buttery corn niblets
  Glazed carrot coins
  Baked broccoli with seasoned bread crumbs
  Rice pilaf
  Potato: Oven-browned, cheddar au gratin, mashed with gravy, parslied or scalloped.
  Buffet with chilled/hot salad package:
Two entrees $19.99 pp
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