Post Funeral Gathering

At a difficult time when a loved one passes away and you gather in mourning, have comfort in knowing we'll take care of all the details of hosting and catering while you spend time with family and friends.

Memorial Celebrations

When you want to honor a loved one and celebrate memories, let us handle all the arrangements regarding food and venue to make the day pleasant and meaningful to you and your guests.

Religious Gatherings

Our venue is also ideal to host any of your religious or spiritual gatherings with catering services. We'll create an atmosphere of peace and calmness at our venue or we can cater food at any other place.

Post Funeral Gatherings

We know that this is a difficult time for families, and we offer you our most heartfelt condolences. We hope that you will allow us to provide a certain measure of comfort to you and your family, as you gather in mourning and remembrance.

Our experienced catering coordinators will take care of all of the catering details, so that you can spend more time with family and friends. We offer you a supportive, experienced, and unobtrusive funeral catering service to meet your needs, and we ensure that every detail is catered for, including the preparation of the venue, and the provision of linen, napkins, and table decorations, as required. If you wish, we will be more than pleased to visit you personally to discuss your requirements. Or, we can coordinate the arrangements through your funeral director to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our goal is to do everything we possibly can to ease the strain of your loss by coordinating your catering needs.

All of our menu packages are popular, easy to serve, and suitable for sit-down or stand-up memorial receptions at a residence, funeral home, or church. We would be happy to customize a menu for you, if that is your preference.

Memorial Celebrations

Celebrate the memory of a loved one in a special way. At Cocobellas, we can offer suggestions on creative ways to honour someone you love.

Religious/Spiritual Gatherings

Experience a feeling of peace, knowing that your spiritual gathering is in the hands of a trusted source for religious event planning and church catering.

Cocobellas catering services can accommodate sit-down or stand-up gatherings at a residence or other suitable venue, and our experience allows us the flexibility to deliver catered meals ready-to-serve or, if you want to leave the hard work to us, we can provide full-service catering with professional uniformed staff to serve, manage, and clean up. In either case, your guests are sure to give thanks, with Cocobellas at your right hand for any religious occasion.

Religious Post-Service Brunch

A wonderful way to fill-up more than just your soul. Our Cocobellas Brunch is part sustenance, part socializing, and another way to share fellowship on Sunday mornings.